Saturday School

As one of the culminating classes in my teaching certification program, I worked with a graduate student mentor to develop and teach an 8-week Saturday morning art class to Middle and High School students.

We Are... Here!

We all exist in a physical location. Whether we have lived in the same place for a long time or have lived in many different places, we are influenced by, and influence, the place we currently call home. Over eight weeks, the middle/ high school class worked through ideas of symbols, mapping, and change over time as we explored the physical world and our place in it.

Personal Maps

A map is a type of visual story. Just like a story, a map includes elements of “who, what, when, where, why, how.” Focusing on the “where”, students explored ways to express the various other elements of place through color, text, and perspective. Through this process, students created maps that told a story of place in a way that connected to their own lives.

Collaborative Map
All of the students worked together to create a large mixed-media map of State College. Students designed visual and textual cut-paper landmarks of places they deemed important and added these to the map. This project allowed student's individual ideas of place to combine together into a collaborative vision.

Students experimented with various techniques including bleaching, stenciling, and using fabric markers and spray paint to create t-shirts that related to the overall class theme of place. After coming up with initial ideas, students met with peers to discuss how they would implement their plans. As students worked through the process of layering different techniques, problem solving became a key skill in learning from the materials.






We Are... Here! - The Book

A contemplation on place incorporating

the words and images

of Middle and High School students